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     Students will:

     1. Recognize that God loves them and planned for their salvation through Jesus Christ. -John 3:16

     2. Be inspired to make a life commitment to Christ.  -Deut. 6:54, 10:12

     3. Learn and practice communication with God through Prayer. -Phil. 4:6

     4. Rely on God's Word, the Bible for answers to the problems of life.  -Col. 3:16, Ps. 119:105

     5. Make decisions according to God's standards. -Col. 3:17, 3:2

     6. Demonstrate respect for God and those in authority.  -Titus 3:1

     7. Each class has morning devotions and chapel weekly on Wednesday. Parents are welcome to attend.


     1. Demonstrate unity in work and play. -Ps. 133:1

     2. Adapt to new situations.  -Phil. 4:11

     3. Exercise self-discipline. I Cor. 9:25, I Tim. 4:7

     4. Interact faithfully in duties at home, school, and in the community.  -Col. 3:17

     5. Identify, define, and solve many kinds of group problems, such as dealing with leisure time, skill

         development, and cooperation.  -Phil. 1:10

     6. Distinguish and accept individual characteristics of peers.  -I Cor. 12:12-18


     Students will:

     1. Strive to maximize potential by incorporating skill, knowledge, and effort to the best of their ability.

          -Eccl. 9:10, Col. 3:23

     2. Demonstrate a joyful attitude in learning. -Jeremiah 15:16

     3.  Apply individual creativity.  -I Peter 4:10

     4. Demonstrate responsibility and independence in academic performance.  -Gal. 6:4-5

     5. Evaluate similarities and differences in learning abilities of peers. -Rom. 12:6-8

     6. Apply God's standard in processing and evaluating information. -Ps. 119:105, Rom. 12:2


     Students will:

     1. Understand their unique body structure, accept its limitations and strengths, and learn to use it with

         confidence.  -Ps. 139:13-14

     2. Develop positive Christ-like character qualities and express them.